terms and conditions

For the time being, these Terms and Conditions shall mean:

1. Cedric Pil:  CEEPIL  with registered address at Mayor Meirsonstraat 2 B-9070 Destelbergen, registered under company number  0749670438.

‘Buyer’ means any natural person (B2C) or legal person (B2B) who is or will be in a contractual relationship of any kind with Cedric Pil.

2. ‘Consumer’ means any natural person in the capacity of Buyer who acts for purposes outside his business or professional activity.

‘Products’ means the subject of one or more purchase agreements.

3. Selling agreement’ means any agreement in which the trader undertakes to transfer ownership of goods and/or to provide a service to the Buyer. This Buyer in turn undertakes to pay the price.

These Terms of Sale apply to all current and future Sales Agreements between Cedric Pil  and the Buyer. As soon as you use our website, as a Buyer, you accept these Terms of Sale, as well as all other rights and obligations as stated on the website.

In principle, these terms of sale apply always and exclusively, except in the case of an express derogation. An express derogation shall be valid only to the extent that it is the result of mutual agreement which is expressly recorded in writing. Express derogations are only valid to replace or supplement the clauses to which they relate. In any case, the other provisions of these Terms of Sale will continue to apply in full.

Cedric Pil reserves the right to change and/or supplement the terms of sale at any time for future orders. A future change will of course not affect existing product orders and the resulting agreements.

Cedric Pil can be reached via http://www.ceepil.com

Cedric Pil takes the greatest care when posting information about the characteristics of the products, including the technical descriptions based on the data from its partners and suppliers, and with photographs illustrating the products, all this in so far as the technical means permit and according to the best standards on the Market. Certain inse substantially characteristics of a product may be different from the photos and description, as shown on the website.

An agreement is reached at the time an order confirmation has been handed over to the Buyer or, in the event that the offer was made via the Website, was sent by email to the email address provided by Buyer. Cedric Pil and his Buyer come explicitly

agreed that by using electronic forms of communication, a valid agreement will be concluded. In particular, the absence of an ordinary, digital or electronic qualified signature does not detract from the binding power of the offer and its acceptance. Cedric Pil’s electronic files are, to the extent permitted by law, a presumption of evidence.

All prices are expressed in euro and include VAT and other taxes. In the event that a legal entity acts as a Buyer, the price may be indicated excluding VAT and other taxes. Special offers are only valid as long as the stock lasts. The Buyer is owed the price communicated to it by Cedric Pil  in  his confirmation in accordance with Article 2 of these terms. Obvious or obvious errors in the quotation, such as obvious inaccuracies, can also  be corrected by Cedric Pil after the conclusion of the agreement.

The individual product prices indicated on the site are always displayed at no additional cost, such as shipping costs. Any shipping costs are for the Buyer and will be displayed when checking out your digital cart. We are entitled to change prices at any time, but we undertake to apply the rates indicated on the site at the time of your order.

Customers have the option to pay with Bancontact, MasterCard, transfer.

Our invoices are payable at the latest 30 days after invoice date. From the expiry date of the year and without notice, each unpaid invoice pays a interest of 12% per year. In addition, if the invoice remains unpaid for 10 days after the registered transmission of a notice, the debt will be increased by 10% of the invoice amount. This is considered to be flat-rate compensation for expenses other than the loss of interest and the actual court costs.

Invoices are only paid per application to legal persons (B2B). Consumers are expressly excluded from this and therefore cannot apply for an invoice.

Cedric Pil desies  its  delivery obligations to receive the full payment of all amounts due by the Buyer. Cedric Pil  shall retain ownership of all ordered products until the full payment of all amounts due from this agreement, regardless of whether the delivery has already taken place.

We will process every order soon. In accordance with the Economic Law Code, the delivery period is 30 (30) days after receipt of the order, with the exception of payment by wire transfer where the delivery period is 30 days after receipt of the payment. Deliveries take place at the address specified by the Buyer during the conclusion of the agreement. Once the products to be delivered on the specified delivery address, the risk passes to the Buyer.

In the event that a product you ordered would not be in stock, we undertake to notify you by email within fifteen days of the date of the order and to indicate within how much time the product can be delivered to you.

Cedric Pil does everything within  its ability to respect the stated delivery times. However, Cedric Pil  takes no responsibility for late deliveries or for an order that is lost by third parties or due to unforeseen circumstances or by force majeure. If an order is not delivered within the specified time, an investigation is initiated with the carrier, which may take several days. During this period, no refund or other shipment can be made.

The Buyer is always obliged to examine the products carefully immediately after receipt.

Complaints from the Buyer, relating to defects in the product or delivery, which are not visible at the latest, must be notified to Cedric Pil in writing by the Buyer within seven (7) days of delivery (or within seven (7) days of invoice date if the products cannot be delivered to Buyer (could)) be notified to Cedric Pil  in writing. In the absence of such notification, the purchaser shall be deemed to have accepted the supply as compliant. We recommend that you send your order registered and take out insurance with the carrier, for the market value of the products. This in case of theft or loss of the products at the carrier. For all returns, the cost is for the Buyer.

The Buyer is not entitled to return the products, which have no reasoned complaints. If the foregoing is not followed up and goods are wrongly returned, then all costs associated with the return will be borne by the Buyer. Cedric Pil  is free to stock the products with third parties for the account and risk of the Buyer, and/or at the buyer’s implicit or explicit request and costs, return these items to the Buyer.

Article VI.47 Code economic law provides that the Consumer may return the product within 14 calendar days without any inference, within the meaning of fines or reasons. This is called the right of withdrawal.

The Consumer who wishes to invoke the right of withdrawal must always do so explicitly, unambiguously and obligatory in writing. It is up to the Consumer to demonstrate that he can invoke his right of withdrawal and must clearly communicate the following information to Cedric Pil:

 1. The indication of the following three dates, namely the date of order, the date of receipt and the date on which the right of withdrawal is used;

– Name and address of the Consumer,– Consumer signature, Any return must be sent to the Postal Service or another carrier within 14 calendar days of use of the right of withdrawal. Returning an order is for the cost and risk of the Consumer, unless the product is not compliant. Within the time frame, the customer must return the product to Cedric Pil  and request a return document via  contact@ceepil.com.. The returned product must have a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, at the risk of being returned to the Consumer.


In the case of a valid and legally correct use of the above mentioned right of withdrawal, Cedric Pil  will, within seven (7) working days, ensure reimbursement of the sum paid by the Consumer to Cedric Pil, by means of a payment chosen by her chosen but internationally generally accepted. In the case of unlawful use of the right of withdrawal, the goods shall be returned to the Consumer, for the consumer’s own account and risk, provided they give reasons. If the returned product is somehow reduced in value,  ceepil.com reserves the right to hold the customer liable and to claim compensation for any impairment of the goods resulting from the customer’s use of the goods that goes beyond what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods.

As imposed by the applicable and relevant legal provisions, the products supplied by Cedric Pil are subject to a legal guarantee. If the delivered case does not comply with the agreement, the Buyer must inform Cedric Pil of this no later than seven (7) working days following the delivery. Any compensation that follows can never exceed the amount billed to the Buyer. Habitable or normal wear and tear, accidental or intentional changes made by the Buyer to the product, the inequities of an original invoice or applicable proof of payment and various omissions are express, but therefore not exhaustive, exceptions to the aforementioned warranty system.

URLs recorded on the website or other electronic communications portals, which are under the actual control of Cedric Pil,are entirely responsible for clicking and visiting by the Buyer.

In the event of force majeure, Cedric Pil is not required to fulfil its  obligations to the other party. Cedric Pil  is entitled to suspend his  obligations for the duration of force majeure.

Force majeure shall mean any independent circumstance of its will which means that the fulfilment of its obligations to the other Party is wholly or partially Prevented.

All intellectual property rights and derivative rights are retained at Cedric Pil ,Mayor Meirsonstraat 2 B-Destelbergen  with company number  0749670438. These intellectual property rights are copyrights, trademark, design and design rights and/or other (intellectual property) rights, including patentable technical and/or commercial know-how, methods and concepts. The Buyer is prohibited from using and/or making changes to the intellectual property rights as described in this article, unless it is purely private use of the product itself.

The information you provide is necessary for processing and completing the orders, and drawing up the accounts and warranty contracts. If this information is missing, the order will inevitably be cancelled. The giving up of incorrect or false personal data is considered a violation of the current Terms and Conditions. The personal data of the Buyer will only be processed in accordance with the applicable privacy and cookie policy, consulted via our website.

All offers and agreements are exclusively in Place under Belgian law. The applicability of the Vienna Convention on Purchase is expressly excluded. All disputes relating to or arising from offers made by Cedric Pil,or agreements concluded with it, shall be referred to the courts of the Judicial District of  Ghent,subject tothe application of a different mandatory provision.