Animals represent harmony, purity and nature...



Painter , mainly working in the streets and public space… For me it is important to interact with people and their surroundings, impacting on living spaces or communities, everyday life…

Since childhood I’ve always been painting, both murals and canvasses, next to my other activities(studying languages, psychology, philosophy, music and law) but only since 2014 I dedicated my life fully to painting and took it from the studio to the street…

I mainly paint animals, kind of as metaphors for human behaviour, this way I abstract ideas or the meaning of a work, this way i can infuse some mystery.

I have always been searching to explore and broaden the language of painting through experiments in technique and layers of meaning…

By adding differnet layers to my work i could express contrasting ideas, and still create harmony and unity through diversity, using the technique of glitch/cut-up/collage/multilayered broken up images…



CeePil colors Maria Goretti Church

Street artist CeePil is increasingly leaving his mark on the city. Now he has also taken care of the Maria Goretti Church, at the request of the city.


Disney + decorates Belgian cities with street art: did you already notice?

Brussels Cee Pil (@ceepil) occupies the Nieuwe Graanmarkt in Brussels with a wall based on the ‘Disney Imagineering Story’. The six-hour saga of Academy Award-nominated director Leslie Iwerks zooms in on 67 years of Walt Disney Imagineering, a place best described as equal parts artist studio, design center, think tank and innovation lab. There, an eclectic group of creatives come together to bring ideas to life. They are responsible for the construction of twelve theme parks, the ‘Happiest Places in the World’.





I inject a dose of eye-and mind trickery to create simple though complex images…I wanna trigger questions and ideas, thoughts rather than giving answers.

My work makes people stop,look, wonder, and think about what they see… and reflect on the deeper layers of reality! (especially needed in these superficial and superfast world of images that are blasted uponus)


March “Color splash-tour”


Upfest Bristol
Mural for Globalstreetart London
3D street art festival Antwerp
Sorry not sorry festival Ghent
Wallin Ghent
Artist in residence DOK Gent


Yard 5  event Berlin
Exhibition gallery 2 Großstadt Berlin
Wallin Ghent
Artist in residence DOK Gent


Yard 5  event Berlin
Exhibition gallery 2 Großstadt Berlin
Wallin Ghent
Artist in residence DOK Gent

I invented my own kind of optical illusion, blending two or more pictures into one by using geometric patterns, thus creating my own universum of representation and meaning…

That way I try to bring unity into the diversity and show (our) similarities rather than focus on differences, and erasing the notion of foreground, background of subjects in the painting…



Artist in residence DOK Gent
January and may : commissions for sorry not sorry festival Gent
June  : street art group exhibition galerie Sakura Paris
August : yard 5 summer jam Berlin(G)
Artbase festival Neustrelitz(G)
September : sorry not sorry festival Ghent(B)      


Pop up at Crystal Ship Ostend
LAP Lisboa
Stillbruch Berlin
Meatpack urban art Antwerp
Wall for sorry not sorry festival Ghent
Wallin Ghent
Artist in residence DOK Gent


Mos Magdeburg
LLN(B) kosmopolite festival
Artist in residence DOK Gen